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Athlete Cap 100% Natural Cotton

We wanted a cap that we can be proud to sell and you can be proud to wear. It needed to be breathable, comfortable, ridged to hold its shape, seamless in style and versatile in functionality.

The Athlete Cap has been designed so it can be worn in every situation, during workouts or when you are out and about exploring the big bad world.

The colors have been kept clean and natural so that you can easily pair the athlete cap with any outfit - dress it up or down, male or female. 

In order to achieve our goal we tested various fabrics and combinations landing on natural fibers. Cotton and only cotton. These are made from the finest 100% cotton, resulting in a natural hypoallergenic effect that protects your skin from irritants when perspiring. 100% cotton also has a natural ability to insulate and control moisture / temperature - hot when cold and cold when hot.

A cap we are proud of.