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At Ultro, we're proud to be a New Zealand-owned and operated company dedicated to delivering exceptional audio quality and innovative products.

Our earbuds are meticulously crafted with athletes in mind, making them the perfect companion for intense HIIT workouts, gym sessions, and outdoor adventures. We're on a mission to inspire movement in all its forms and elevate your next activity.

Our unique logo, 'u l,t r o°,' resembles coordinates, symbolizing an active lifestyle. 'Ultro' is derived from a shortened Latin word that embodies strength, spontaneity, and exceeding expectations.

Drawing upon years of collective expertise in acoustics and sports, we've engineered our earbuds to provide the ultimate sound experience during your workouts. These buds have undergone rigorous testing by elite international athletes to ensure a secure fit, as well as by acoustic experts to achieve exceptional sound performance.

But we're not just offering a product; we're creating an immersive experience. From the moment your Ultro package arrives at your doorstep, you'll embark on a journey where the outside world fades away. With heightened focus and a motivational boost, you'll effortlessly tackle tasks, crush your workouts, and enhance every adventure.

Our unwavering focus has always been on sound quality, fit, functionality, and durability. We're here to answer any questions you may have, and keep an eye out for exciting new products on the horizon – because at Ultro, we're not just about earbuds; we're about enhancing your lifestyle through exceptional audio experiences.